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Saturday, 10 May 2014

12 Thing to Do Must Before Applying For Google Adsense

I know several of you wish to create some smart cash with adsense right? ;)

But it’s tough to induce into adsense program currently a days. you have got to try and do few things before applying for adsense.

Google Adsense is world’s larges Ads Network and works at Pay Per Click system. It’s paying rates square measure higher than all of alternative networks that is that the biggest reason it's thus standard to all or any Bloggers and Webmasters. however since everyone is running behind them, they need created the approval system terribly strict. you create very little mistakes and obtain marginal each time. thus you would like an entire steering and list of issue that you just got to do before applying for Google Adsense and supposing that you just square measure prepared.

1. Privacy Policy :

One of the common mistakes that each Blogger makes which I created again and again before finally obtaining approved. despite the fact that there square measure individuals out there WHO say that having a Privacy Policy for a journal doesn’t is sensible however they're wrong.

A Privacy really describes to your readers regarding what they're going to get on your journal , what they must do and what they must not. thus clearly there's nothing unhealthy in having a Privacy Policy. whereas it will have an effect on somehow on your Adsense Approval, you need to provides it a attempt. you'll write it yourself or realize Privacy Policy Generators on-line (You don’t want a professional person anyway).


2. About Page

An regarding has major role and importance if you don’t need to use for Adsense. however once it involves Adsense, they're regarding Zero probabilities of obtaining approved if you're not showing this page.About page merely describes regarding you and your journal . this may not solely assist you establish a relationship with readers however it'll additionally build them trust upon you.


3. Contact United States Page

It’s quite obvious that everybody has his/her own opinion. What one in all your readers likes is also bothering some other person. Than it's higher to grant them chance to talk up to you and tell however they feel regarding your journal, what they require to be altered , what they likable or despised.

It will additionally show the Google Adsense Team that's viewing your web site that you just really care regarding your readers and not solely the cash and Adsense.


4. Name/ Email Verification

Make sure to place you Name and Email address in some simply visible space like regarding Maine and make contact with United States pages. it'll tell Google Adsense Team that it's an equivalent one who applied for Adsense and not some spam, shitty bots.


5. Age Verification

I’m extremely happy out writing this. ;)


Because this can be wherever I encountered a retardant. rather than eighteen, I accidentally revealed my age as seventeen whereas on Adsense form, it had been accurately eighteen.

Hence there started a retardant . as a result of Google Adsense isn't for beneath eighteen individuals. i spotted this drawback once being disproved a couple of times with none legitimate reason. thus I recommendation you to be correct whereas writing your age.


6. Minimum variety of Posts

There is no precise answer. Not even one. as a result of I actually have seen terribly established Blogs with 400+ posts and their owner telling Maine that Google Adsense is rejecting them whereas somewhere ,people with forty,50 posts square measure enjoying creating cash. specifically what I same that there's no actual answer. However, we are able to invariably predict things. in line with my expertise , you ought to solely apply once you have got quite seventy posts. Posts length ought to should be 500+ words too.


7. Design

Your journal is that the biggest factor once Content. This represents your experience ,experience and expertness. thus watch out as a result of something will kill your probabilities.

8. Content sort

Be careful with what style of content you're commercial enterprise. as a result of it's one thing that really matters. Google Adsense isn't for sexy, misbr things, medication or alternative Blogs / Sites like that. additionally Adsense team won’t be willing to permit you to step in if you own a Non English journal. Having posts shorter than three hundred words long is additionally Red Signal.


9. Providing worth

Don’t complain regarding not creating cash and don’t clearly state that your square measure Blogging for cash solely and haven't any alternative interest in it. as a result of this may show them that you just won't be providing values to your readers any day. thence another Red light-weight glows up.

10. Top Level Domain

Those square measure gone far once Adsense wont to approve “Blogspot” and “” Blogs. As for these days, you want to have your own distinctive domain that specifies your web log. If you don’t have one nonetheless, stop dreaming concerning obtaining approved with Sub domains and go get a prime Level Domain.

Another necessary factor concerning domain is it’s age. as a result of for many of Asian Countries, Adsense has placed associate degree age restriction. They don’t settle for any sites before they're half-dozen months previous.

11. alternative Ad Networks

If you have got the other Ads placed like Chitika, Clicksor or something, it’s time to drop them off.

Even Google Adsense permits you to use alternative Ad Networks along side them, it’s higher to get rid of the ads before Applying and don’t place them back till you get a reply from Adsense Team.

12. Paid Traffic

Google hates the web sites that {are obtaining|are becoming|have gotten} Paid traffic and largely penalizes them thus there's not a damn probability of obtaining Adsense Approval letter for a site that's getting paid traffic. you'll be able to bring traffic from Search Engines or the other method you wish however if you wish to earn via Google Adsense the correct method, paid traffic isn't an answer.



What to try to to if adsense isn't obtaining approved?

If google adsense still not approving your website/blog. you'll be able to use these websites to earn cash while not adsense.





Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Web Free Browser Open Blocked Websites Free Download

Many people area unit looking for “how to open blocked websites”, “Bypass proxy server”, “Hide me” and “Access blocked websites” therefore i found a tremendous browser that solve your all issues concerning proxy problems, internet Freer could be a new browser that amendment your life entirely as a result of it offer you power to access any quite blocked web site, internet freer is incredibly a lot of powerful browser that unblock any quite web site with none malware threat and internet freer permit you to go to any information processing system quick, securely, and in camera.
Web Freer exploitation hidden bypass proxy technique that assist you to access any quite web site with none loss and one huge advantage of internet freer is it ne'er hamper your net speed as a result of internet freer is same browser like Google Chrome and Firefox and this browser is incredibly secure as a result of it access all info through HTTPS secure association.
Web freer could be a free browser therefore you'll be able to transfer internet freer from this link Free transfer and Install it simply double click on setup exe file, internet freer browser is extremely secured browser therefore don’t worry concerning security in internet freer as a result of it’s a great deal secure as compare to different browsers.
Web Freer options

Web Freer is Secure Browser
Web Freer permit you to access any block web site
Web freer don't have any malware threat
Web freer ne'er place any impact on your net speed
Web freer have all privacy options that user would like
Web freer shield your identity

Step for internet Freer Browser Installation

1. 1st transfer internet freer browser from this Link Free Download
2. Then extract the nada file
3. Open Extracted nada folder and run internet freer.exe file
4. when installation get pleasure from with free access of all web site with internet freer
Web Freer browser is incredibly a lot of secure therefore don’t worry concerning your vital info, internet freer is absolutely secure like Google Chrome and Firefox.
Free transfer
If you have got any drawback in transfering internet Freer in your Country then Download internet freer from Blow link
Web Freer For those countries World Health Organization don’t access higher than transfer link

Friday, 6 December 2013

IDM Fake Serial Key Solution +Pop Up Remover Free Downloader

NTERNET transfer MANAGER pretend SERIAL variety resolution POP-UP REMOVER FREE transfer

Internet transfer Manager pretend Serial Pop-up Remover, the way to take away pretend Serial Pop-up of IDM web transfer Manager? [Solved] web transfer Manager pretend Serial Error Remover Free transfer.

Note : when Applying Patch, a number of the Antiviruses show this patch as a virulent disease and a few doesn’t show like this, however the truth is generally all/some patches arasure} shown as virus as they were by-passing softwares and let me tell you that this detection as a virulent disease is nothing however simply a false positive. thus dont worry and use it the maximum amount as you would like.

Installation Instructions:
1. If you've got AN older version put in or a version thats now not registered/trial finished I recommend you un-install it then install this.
2. Install IDM.
3. Exit IDM from Taskbar (make certain its not running in task manager)
4. simply place the given patch within the installation Folder (C:/program File/Internet transfer Manager for thirty two Bit computer & (C:/program File (x86)/Internet transfer Manager for sixty four bit PC) folder of IDM.
5. Run it.
6. get pleasure from Full Version Now:)…….
Video Tutorial: Click Here to look at Video Tutorial


IDM pretend Serial Key resolution Pop-up Remover Full Version Free transfer from links given below.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

WinFF Video Converter 1.5.0 Full Version Free Download

WinFF Video convertor one.5.0 (x86/x64) Full Version transfer - Convert your videos quickly, simply and once with WinFF and FFmpeg. WinFF can convert virtually any video file that FFmpeg can convert. WinFF will multiple files in multiple formats at an equivalent time. for instance, you'll convert mpeg, flv and mov, avi beat one go.WinFF Video convertor one.5.0 100 percent Work and full version transfer solely four u.

WinFF Video convertor Features:
Easy to use interface.
Quick (WinFF doesn't preclude FFmpeg anyway).
High quality output.
Converts multiple completely different files all with an equivalent format directly.
Convert video to audio.
Convert between audio formats.
No external codecs required.
Includes a spread of predetermined conversion common formats and devices.
Predefined conversions is created to code to any format FFmpeg supports.
Easy access to common conversion choices like bitrate, size, frame rate.
Specify the parameters of extra instruction for advanced users (options button).
Easily switch FFmpeg versions.
FFmpeg supports multithreading for dual-core processors
Multilingual, on the market in over ten languages

Upload Date : 11/25/2013
File Size : sixteen.9 MB

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Windows 8 Highly Compressed Just 10MB

Searching on cyberspace was friends on Windows eight hayyly kmprysyd Do share it with you guys thought occurred solely nine MB folder after you use the Windows eight can certainly tell you the way to ascertain expertise of the Wando
Thank you

New 156 UseFul Run Commands

Run Command





control admintools


























control desktop


control color









control fonts














ipconfig /all

ipconfig /displaydns

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /registerdns

ipconfig /showclassid

ipconfig /setclassid



control keyboard















control mouse




control netconnections


















control printers















control schedtasks










sfc /scannow

sfc /scanonce

sfc /scanboot

sfc /revert

sfc /purgecache

sfc /cachesize=x























Google Tipsss

How To Find Your Internet Browser History On Google If You Lost Any Page Of Download Then dont Worry Becasue Google Always Save YoUR History In your Account For More See This ScreenShot>>


Whos On My Wifi 2.1.9+Key+Keygen

Are folks On Your Network Right Now?If you’ve stumbled across this website, chances are high that that you’re involved regarding however secure your wireless network very is. you may even worry that somebody you don’t recognize is connected to your network this terribly minute. 

The problem is you can’t see a wireless network. You can’t bit it. And you can’t recognize World Health Organization is connected to that while not some facilitate.

But there's the simplest way to be 100 percent sure that nobody is on your Wireless Network however the computers and devices that you simply wish to air it…

It’s like they assert “Trust however Verify”.

At this time, I hope you see verity worth in validating World Health Organization has been connecting to your network.

I know once I initial ran the code on my very own machine, I unbroken expecting that somebody I didn’t recognize would connect any minute.

I have to admit that i used to be pleasantly shocked.

I run WPA2 on my wireless network, and within the half dozen months that I’ve been running this code, I’ve solely seen one person connect with my network that I wasn’t attentive to. which was my spouse World Health Organization obstructed her new laptop directly into the Wireless Router while not telling Maine regarding it.

For regarding constant worth as a videodisc or BluRay disc, you'll be able to have the piece of mind that your network is safe.


1.Run setup.
2.Use Key/Keygen.

Friday, 23 August 2013

BLock Any Website in your pc

Dear member because after coming internet some site is bad for child so if you want your child dont touch these sites then u must block this web in your pc i give u Tip For this check this if any problem then comment me

first go this website click me.

you can sucessfully block website for your pc enjoy little tips.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

!Use ur USB drives as RAM!

Download Link

Downlaod Link 2


*Memory caching (if you have plenty of RAM installed);
*Exclude list (the most requested feature);
*Power saving mode;
*More than 4GB cache file size (on NTFS file system only);
*One flash drive use on different computers;
*Unlimited number of files in cache;
*Build cache process improvement (including initial statistics used from XP prefetch information);
*Load balancing mechanism improvements;
*And many small fixes and enhancements;

How To Increase Your Internets Upload Speed (QUICK,FREE,FAST,EASY)

In This tricks anyone dobuble your internet speed with just little work and amazing i already try this for downlaod software just read instruction

1.downlaod software from the link
2.install the software
3.and open the software
4. then open software and check on google dsl speed test then going checking speed on uploading your uploading is increase instantly.

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Run jar File on PC/Laptop

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Increase Twitter Followers Instantly 20+ Per Hour- Powerful Trick

Every Blogger needs subscribers or followers in their blog.Without subscribers or followers, no any blogger can get success.For gaining followers,most of the bloggers switch towards Social Networking Websites like -Twitter,Facebook etc. Twitter is among the most popular social networking site and it is also best for gaining followers of almost all countries.So many websites are now providing the facility of Twitter Follower Exchange but it is not going well.Today I will provide you the trick to Increase Twitter followers instantly(20+) per hour by simply visiting a website.It is the best way and the easiest as well.

Simply follow the below given steps and enjoy :
First of all visit . You will see the following screen:
Increase Twitter Followers Instantly Increase Twitter Followers Instantly 20+ Per Hour  Powerful Trick 

Now click on “Login with Twitter” button. The screenshot of the same is shown below:

Increase Twitter Followers Instantly for your blog Increase Twitter Followers Instantly 20+ Per Hour  Powerful Trick

Now it will ask you for Twitter username and password.Simply add Twitter Username and Password.The screenshot of the same is shown below:

Increase Twitter Increase Twitter Followers Instantly 20+ Per Hour  Powerful Trick

Now Sign into this Account and click on “Gain Followers” button.The screenshot of the same is shown below:

Increase Twitter followers Increase Twitter Followers Instantly 20+ Per Hour  Powerful Trick

At the end, the website will show you a confirmation message which will look like the below given screen.After that you will see regular increase in your twitter follower list.

Increase your twitter follower Increase Twitter Followers Instantly 20+ Per Hour  Powerful Trick

I have already tested this website and it works fine means it is not a fake site. I have seen regular increase in my twitter follower list so you can also try it.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Twitter Bird Gadget


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